Writing About Running

This is a selection of pieces about running written by myself and others. They were all taken from my original website and written many years ago so don't be surprised if some seem dated.

Single-hit runs

Cotswold Way in a Day 1999 by Bryan Stadden

Badwater Ultra 2000 by Meredydd Evans

National 100K Run 2001 by Garry Perratt

Iditasport 2001 by Jackson Griffith

Iditasport 2002 by Jackson Griffith

Connemarathon Ultra 2005 by Garry Perratt

Old Counties Tops 2005 by Garry Perratt and John Smallwood

There are some articles about the Grizzly on the race's own writing page.

Multi-day stage races


Running in Africa by Pete Biggs

Runners by Roger Hart

Childbirth Envy: Why Men Run Ultras by Blake Wood

Brent Knoll Race 2001 by Tom Woodman