Annual Award Winners

This is as complete a list of the annual award winners as we have. Hovering the cursor over the blue award names will give a popup with some information about them and over the team names will list the members. We started naming runners-up in 2015 although a few are still joint winners.

The juniors' awards are at the bottom of the page.


Club person 1 Eleanor Wood
Irene Croad
1 Junior coaches
2 Robert Kerr
1 Tony Smith
2 Marilyn Hughes
1 Dave Mutter
2 Dave Thomas
Gill Day
Janet Woodward
Richard Hale Garry Perratt Jon Day Paul Johns
Phil Bayliss
Person Jon Day Garry Perratt Dave Kelf Debbie Barry   Person     Dave Mutter   Chris & Sue Levene Person   Garry Perratt Pete & Jos Biggs     Person           Club person
Male runner 1 James Green
2 Rob Collier/Graham Newton
1 Matt Hewer
2 Ollie Caute
1 Terry Emmett
2 Jake Smith
1 Jake Smith
2 James Green
Graham Newton Matt Clist Phil Bayliss Alex Todd Alex Todd Male Luke Reed Luke Reed Tom Scriven Liam Roberts Paul Holley Male   Garry Perratt Garry Perratt   Richard Hale Male     Kevin Hawker     Male           Male runner
Female runner 1 Karen Eyre
2 Angela Kerr
1 Clare Hansford
2 Karen Eyre
1 Amy Greenhalgh
2 Flo Swan
Sue Venn
Clare Hansford
Eleanor Wood Amy Greenhalgh
Margaret Pearce
Eleanor Wood
Janet Woodward
Eleanor Wood
Amy Greenhalgh
Eleanor Wood Female Eleanor Wood Emma Kiernan Eleanor Wood Eleanor Wood Eleanor Wood Female     Julia Phillips   Heather Foundling Female           Female           Female runner
Handicap 1 Andrew Hartnell
2 Lee Moran
3 Rob Collier
1 David Cooke
2 Eleanor Wood
3 Matt Hewer
1 Alan Morbey
2 Flo Swan
3 Craig Tiley
1 Craig Tiley
2 Clare Hansford
3 Eleanor Wood
1 Steve Maclure
2 Amie Sibley
3 Ian Apps
1 Alan Morbey
2 James Guler
3 Tim Sibley
1 Martin Croad
2 James Guler
3 James Sibley
1 Gill Day
2 Tim Sibley
3 Clare Hansford
1 Chris Irving
2 Alison Gould
3 Clare Hansford
Handicap 1 Eleanor Wood
2 Bernard Fry
3 Richard Hale
1 Bernard Fry
2 Luke Reed
3 Dave Mutter
1 Paul Tolchard
2 Dave Kelf?
3 Luke Reed
1 Liam Roberts
2 Eleanor Wood
3 Steve Reynolds
1 Jon Day
2 John Blackledge
3 Steve Potter
Handicap 1 Dave Kelf
2 Julie Rowe
3 Steve Carver
1 Tom Hilder
2 James Beard
3 Alberto Gravili
2 Richard Hale
  1 Richard Hale
Handicap 1 Neil Matthews?

3 Garry Perratt
2 Richard Hale
3 Richard Hale
3 Richard Hale
  1 Richard Hale
Senior handicap
Chairman's Shield Group leaders Seaton parkrun core team Phil Bayliss Eleanor Wood Jon Day Dave Thomas Jon Day Chris Irving Chris Irving Chairman's Susie Pitt Eleanor Wood & Bernard Fry Debbie Barry Liz Elliott Garry Perratt Chairman's Pat Edmunds Liz Elliott Maurice Ault Sue & Chris Levene Dan Savage Chairman's Emma Bennett Joyce Cummings Dave Kelf Harry Moore Chairman's Chairman' Shield
President's Shield 1 Amie Sibley
Jake Smith
1 Jake Smith
2 Clare Hansford
1 Paul Johns
2 Jake Smith
1 Sue Tubbs
2 Patrick Devine-Wright
Pat Kinsella
Patrick Devine-Wright
Graham Newton Patrick Devine-Wright Paul Johns Geoff Woodward
& Steve Reynolds
President's Phil Bayliss Phil Bayliss Susie Pitt Steve &
Dawn Potter
Steve White President's Liz Elliott Sue Levene
Pat Edmunds
Pat Edmunds Garry Perratt Clare Hansford President's Dan Savage President's President's Shield
Most improved male 1 Lee Moran
2 Andrew Hartnell
1 Simon Davey
2 Kevin Feeney
1 Stephen Grigg
2 Alan Morbey
1 Paul Lloyd
2 Robert Kerr
Keith Agland Alan Morbey
John Claydon
Martin Croad Gill Day Gavin Warren Improved Celeste Ingarfield Gill Day Ian Apps Bernard Fry Jon Day Improved Alison Gould Pat Edmunds Mike Calvert Dave Braunton John Blackledge Improved Clare Hansford Jane Calvert Richard Hale Rachel Cooper Improved Most improved
Most improved female 1 Daisy Forster
2 Helen Holmes/Rachael Tattershall
1 Karen Eyre
2 Sandra Mortimer
1 Vicky Hirons
2 Kirstin Harwood
1 Ruth Moore
2 Vicky Hirons
Yvette Hill Diane Newton
Jess Tubbs
Janet Woodward
Founder's Trophy 1 John Claydon
2 Sarah Shepley
1 Amie Sibley
2 Irene Croad
1 Andy Sayers
2 John Claydon
1 Tony Wood
2 Irene Croad
Phil Bayliss Janet Woodward
Sue Tubbs
Gill Day Sue Tubbs Jon & Gill Day Founder's Jon & Gill Day Jon Day Founder's Founder's Founder's Founder's Trophy
Unfortunate Soul Amie Sibley Alex Todd Diane Newton Graham Newton Diane Newton Soul Phil Bayliss Phil Bayliss Frances Tolchard Tom Scriven Soul Soul Soul Unfortunate Soul
Team 1 Grizzly committee
2 Oh My Obelisk winning male team
1 Drogo 10 winning M&F teams
2 East Devon Way Relay winning team
1 Race The Tram winning team
2 Parkrun organisers
1 Patrick Devin-Wright and
his SWCP support crew

2 Woodland Relays winning ladies' team
Thursday beginners group leaders
Yorkshire Three Peaks
National Three Peaks Wessex Ridgeway Relay Forces March Paris Marathon Team Commando Challenge Commando Challenge Committee Devon Half Marathon Champs   Team           Team   America Trip       Team           Team
New member male 1 Rob Collier
2 Ferenc Kovacs
1 Kevin Feeney
2 Ollie Caute
1 Karl Hodson
2 Matt Hewer & Steve Haines
Robert Kerr
Canny Hart
The Hill Family Rupert Pady Dave Thomas
Janet Woodward
Chris Driver
Andy Hitchcock Alex Todd New Graham Newton New New New New member
New member female 1 Carolyn Nation
2 Sam Summers
1 Sarah Shepley
2 Kelly Stamp
1 Fran Hodson
2 Pippa Wyatt
Long-distance runner Distance Distance Distance Garry Perratt Dave Kelf     Distance           Long-distance runner
Honorary life
Mike Roper Bernard Fry
Dave Mutter
Phil Bayliss
Richard Hale
Paul Johns
Susie Pitt Debbie Barry
Michael Barry
Garry Perratt
Honorary Dave Kelf Pete & Jos Biggs? Pat & Bob Edmunds?
Paul & Ann Morgan?
Dave & Penny Walker? Honorary Anne Kelf? Honorary Honorary Albert & Vera Paskins? Honorary life


We only have records from when Debbie took over as head coach.

Awards other than the handicap run for the academic year after 2009. The handicap results are those which occurred during that particular academic year (e.g. 2010-11's are for calendar year 2010).

Endeavour award: Chris Levene was the club's first junior coach who sadly died a few years ago. He was responsible for making the junior section what it is today.

Male runner Ollie Caute Matt Thurgood Ollie Caute James Knapp Josh Coates James Sibley Daniel Clapp Justin & Robbie Holt Daniel Clapp Male
Female runner Flo Swan Mia Bartlett May Wood Caitlin Bee Lydia Clapp Mollie Hansford Romy Phillips Abby Richards Lauren Richards Female
Most improved Arun Hawkes Adam Burrough Mia Bartlett Ethan Day Emily Elliott Tom Kiernan Rosie Baker Sammy Barry Chris Keeffe Improved
Attendance Award Beth Sibley Alex Barry Chris Keeffe Lauren Richards Attendance
Chris Levene Award
for Endeavour
Ben Franklin Bobby Simpson Max Bowskill Mollie Hansford Andrew Watson Alex Hunt Lydia Clapp Chris Keeffe Alex Barry Endeavour
Handicap Ben Franklin
Bobby Simpson
Caleb Sinclair
Josh Coates
Liam McLean
Mollie Hansford
Mollie Hansford
James Sibley
Rosie Hawkins
Ellis Bee
Mollie Hansford
James Sibley
Alex Hunt
Alex Barry
Joe Rogers
Romy Phillips
Hannah Rice
Alfie Phillips
Samuel White